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Meet Glenn Carlsen, OASISS Director!

It's #TeamTuesday and once again, we would like to introduce you to one of our directors from our amazing board of volunteers! Fifth up - Glenn! We have asked Glenn some questions so that you can get to know him better.

1. How long have you been on the Board?

"I joined the Board at the 2022 Annual General Meeting."

2. Why did you join the Board? "I joined because I am passionate about rewilding land and preserving nature.”

3. What are you looking forward to as a new Director? “I am looking forward to the direction that OASISS goes, and seeing how I can help effect change to improve the environment. I want to preserve nature for our grandchildren. I am also interested in the work because I have always done a lot of outdoor stuff and open water racing. I have been to many countries where there is little to no natural land left. One of the biggest things we can do is raise awareness and help landowners control invasive plants on their properties.”

4. When you aren’t doing Board work, what do you do for fun? “I’m a swimmer, I swim between 4 and 5 km every day! My other passion is going around the world and competing in swim races.”

From all of us at OASISS to Glenn, thank you for all the amazing work you do!


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