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Common bugloss (invasive)

Report an Invasive Species

Invasive species are constantly on the move and expanding into new areas. Reporting new sightings will assist all landowners and invasive species managers in early detection and rapid response activities. It will also enhance the knowledge of the current distribution of those species that are established in the province. 

If you wish to report an invasive species you have the following options:

1) Contact your local invasive species coordinator


Provide details such as: a GPS coordinate, digital pictures, infestation size, location details and any other pertinent information. For the Okanagan-Similkameen area, contact

2) Use the Report Invasives phone app that is available from the provincial website.


This free app lets you report invasive species sightings anywhere in BC, in a few quick and easy steps. Your report goes directly to a BC specialist for the reported species who will then coordinate follow-up activities with appropriate authorities when required. The app can be used off-line as well; simply complete the report when you are at the invasive species location, click 'Submit' and the report will be sent as soon as you are back in cell coverage. 

If you do not have a smart phone, you may report using this online form or via email to (please attach your photo to the email).

3) Invasive Mussel Reports should be reported directly to the B.C. Conservation Officer Services Hotline: 1 877 952-7277.

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