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Resources For Educators

OASISS offers a variety of free education programs and tools for educators. These can be applied in your classroom, school yard, homeschool neighbourhood or a local outdoor space. 

Our education resources:

  •  are informative, engaging and fun for you and your students;

  •  meet curricular goals and core competencies; and 

  •  will deepen connections with the local environment.

Check out what we offer and contact us for more details.

Education Programs

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Outdoor invasive species lesson

Our invasive species programs can be conducted in the classroom or outside. We offer programs for students in kindergarten through grade 12. Sessions are typically one hour in length but can be modified.


Choose from:

  • Bully Plants: Let's Weed Them Out!

  • Aquatic Invaders: Let's Keep Them Out!

Students will learn about the environmental and social impacts of invasive species in the Okanagan-Similkameen region. Our programs encourage creative and scientific thought, using props and interactive activities. Students will learn what they can do to contribute to the prevention and control of invasive species. 

CANON_Penticton Ck_MMS students_LScott 030 (1024x768).jpg

Learning about native plants

Tools for Educators

BIODIVERSITY UNDER SIEGE is a new and exciting tool for educators. 
It combines the knowledge of local biologists, indigenous knowledge keepers and teachers to provide a resource specific to the Okanagan. Teachers are provided with complete lesson plans tailored to grades 6 – 8. Translated lesson plans are available for French immersion and FSL classes.

​The lesson series teach students about invasive species connections with biodiversity, climate change and indigenous culture.

Check out the resources below for a preview of what is provided with this unique new project.
This tool is designed for educators to implement independently.
To support educators, we can attend as a guest speaker on a variety of invasive species topics.

Max lake planting_students removing CT 4 _Oct 2023_OASISS.JPG

Removing Canada thistle

Promotional video for Biodiversity Under Siege

“The lesson plans are an ideal resource for our units in climate change, evolution and biodiversity. My students have loved applying their knowledge and getting outdoors.”

- Trevor Buller, Teacher at Holy Cross School


Lesson Breakdown.png

Biodiversity Under Siege

Lesson Plan Breakdown

Get an overview of the topics, activities and evaluation tools that are covered in this package.

Teachers Guide_edited_edited.jpg

Biodiversity Under Siege

Teacher's Guide

Learn more about the purpose and scope of the lesson package and how it connects to the BC curriculum.

Thank you to our funders:

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