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Invasive Insects

What are invasive insects?


Invasive insects are insect species that are introduced beyond their native range to locations that often have a lack of natural enemies. If the new habitat is suitable, the introduced insects can rapidly reproduce and expand their populations. Once established, they can be extremely difficult to contain and manage. Invasive insects are often spread far and wide unintentionally by human activity.

What are their impacts? 

  • Many invasive insects are considered pests to agriculture, forests, rangelands, and native plants and animals. 

  • They compete for available space and food, and can directly attack native species, crops, trees, or landscape plants.

Western yellowstriped armyworm_caterpill

Western yellow-striped armyworm. Credit: BC Ministry of Agriculture.

Insect Profiles

Click on a species for more information.

Credit: P. van Westendorp

Credit: Dr. Gary Judd

Credit: Dr. Gary Judd

Credit: Dr. Ward Strong

Credit: Dr. Sheila Fitzpatrick

Credit: BC M.Ag

Credit: Lawrence Barringer

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