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Cycling Up the Hill

Prevention For Recreationalists

The Okanagan-Similkameen is recognized nationally for its beautiful natural landscapes and outstanding recreational opportunities. Unfortunately, recreational activities – including mountain biking and road cycling – can contribute to the spread and establishment of invasive plants or ‘weeds’ that threaten the natural environment.

Seeds and plant parts can attach to your shoes, gear, motorized vehicle, bike, and pets. When you move to new areas, these plant parts can disperse into new environments. 

To prevent the spread of invasive species while you are enjoying the outdoors, follow these easy steps:

  • Arrive with clean gear

  • Burn local or certified firewood

  • Stay on designated roads and trails

  • Play-Clean-Go - Before leaving, remove plants, insects, and mud from your boots, gear, bike, pets, and/or vehicle 

puncturevine in dirt bike tire_Mar 09_LS

Puncturevine seedpods stuck to a bike tire



Right Track to Weed control.png

On the Right Track to Weed Control

This handout is intended to help you learn how to keep natural areas looking natural and maintain the quality of recreational spaces by biking responsibly.

white booklet image.png

A Guide to Identifying Invasive Plants and Weeds

Learn how to identify invasive plants and weeds in your region.

Useful Links

For tips on how to identify, prevent, treat and report invasive species, visit Okanagan Invasive Species Online

For more information on "Play, Clean, Go" visit Canada Invasives.

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