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"Okanagan residents reminded to watch for invasive plant that can cause boils, blisters and temporary blindness" - Castanet, Apr 26

"Invasive Species Society warns of new insect pests and common plants to watch for" - Castanet, Apr 7



"Look Out For Scary Plants - Keep an eye out for scary invasive plants popping up in the Okanagan-Similkameen" - Castanet, Oct 30

"'Skeletonweed' Invading - Invasive plant sprouting throughout the South Okanagan and Similkameen could take over cropland and grassland" - Castanet, Oct 9


"Monitoring Invasive Mussels - Volunteers sought to help monitor for invasive mussels" - Castanet, Jul 28

"Keep the Invader Species Out - Invasive Species Society celebrating 25 Years of successfully keeping unwanted species out" - Castanet, Jun 30


"Toxic Invasive Plant Alert - Invasive plant sprouting throughout the Okanagan can cause boils, blisters and temporary blindness" - Castanet, Mar 31

"Zebra Mussels in Aquariums - Conservation officers ask aquarium owners to check tanks for invasive zebra mussels" - Castanet, Mar 6


"Toxic Plants Invading - Summerland council spoke about an invasive plants species that got farmers worried about their horses" - Castanet, Aug 13

"Mussel-Fouled Boats Stopped - Inspectors stop 10 boats tainted with invasive mussels from entering B.C." - Castanet, Aug 13

"Video Shows Risk of Invasive Mussels - Invasive species group launches educational video series on the dangers of zebra, quagga mussels in Okanagan" - Castanet, Jun 11

"Volunteer to Stop Mussels - Invasive species society seeking volunteers for citizen science initiative to stop the spread of zebra and quagga mussels" - Castanet, Jul 23


"Urge to Take Action Against Invasive Species in South Okanagan" - Castanet, April 30

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