Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan aims to provide direction by defining the vision, purpose, core values, and goals and strategies of OASISS.

OASISS Priority Species List

Priority Invasive Plants List

View the regional list of priority species for invasive plant management.

OASISS Annual report
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2020 Annual Report

The Annual Report provides a summary of 2020 season activities and highlights achievements. 

2020 Aquatics Program Summary

A summary of 2020 season activities.

Garden fugitives

Ornamental Fugitives

Learn how you can stop the spread of aggressive ornamentals. 

Biological Control

Biological Control

Learn about insects that attack invasive plants in the Okanagan-Similkameen.

Invasive plants that are toxic to livestock
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Invasive Plants That Are Toxic To Livestock

Learn about invasive plants that are toxic to livestock.

A Guide to Identifying Invasive Plants and Weeds

Learn how to identify invasive plants and weeds in your region.

Plantwise Guide

Learn about the region's most unwanted horticultural plants.