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Invasive Animals

What are invasive animals?

Invasive animals are non-native mammals, reptiles, and birds that have been introduced to new habitats that lack the predators, pathogens, or competitors that would normally keep their populations in check in their native habitats. Without their natural enemies, these invaders are able to quickly spread and outcompete native species, stealing food, nesting or denning spots, and other resources. Once these species are established, they are extremely difficult, if not impossible, to eradicate.

What are their impacts?

  •  Invasive mammals, birds, and reptiles can out-compete our native wildlife, reducing the availability of food, shelter, and other resources

  • Some invasive animals will kill native wildlife

  • Invasive animals can transmit disease and parasites to native wildlife and domesticated animals



Many invasive animals were introduced by people on purpose, whether to keep as pets, use for hunting, or just because. For example, European Starlings were introduced after a person in New York in the 1800s decided to bring over any bird that was mentioned in at least one Shakesphere play.

How did they get here?

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Animal Profiles

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